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a term used to express extreme gratification or appreciation.
1) DAYUM!!!!Your ride is so sick its DIRTAY!

2) Thank you baby. That rock on my finger be DIRTAY!
by RESA-FU October 06, 2004
A way of life with the incorporation of martial arts that cannot be mastered. This form of fighting technique can be only taught by the great Sensai THERESA (hence RESA-FU). Many fear for their lives when they hear of this raw, undisputed yet genius creator.
BULLY AT SCHOOL: "Gimme your lunch money or I'll kick your ass!"

QUIET KID: "My sister taught me RESA-FU!"

BULLY AT SCHOOL: "Oh my bad....so sorry..here please take my lunch money!"
by RESA-FU October 06, 2004
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