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D-I-R-B Doing It Real Big

"to good friends, good highs, and good times..tell death do we DIRB, tell DIRB do we part
by DIRB Community July 10, 2008
The science or art of ragging(partying) really really hard. It is also something that stays with you forever, once a dirber always a dirber. Can be used in any form of english to fit the sentence
"We dirbed it so hard last night"
"I just want to dirb"
"Dirb life"
"Dirbing it"
"Fuck it, I just want to dirb the rest of my life"
"Dirb or die"
"Dirb or die"
by Dirbin community July 10, 2008
A way of shortening the term, "Doin' It Real Big" and using it as a title of: One who's Doing it Real Big
"I brought her roses, AND flowers."
"oh, man, you're doing it real big"
"I'm a dirb!"
by anniewhattttttt June 07, 2009
a scrounge or scumbag, one who acts like a scrounge, can be used as and adjective as dirbish.
Look at those kids eating dog shit. What a bunch of dirbs.
by Timmmm Pusssy November 08, 2007

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