Dyke I'd Like To Fuck. Similar to MILF, except referencing a hot lesbian.
Dude one: "That Portia de Rossi is one hot babe."

Dude two: "Yeah. She's a total DILF."
by weewhoore October 17, 2008
Daughter I'd like to fuck.
Here in Cartagena, Columbia, we have seen MANY daughters (DILF) we want to fuck all night long. And Mom (MILFs) can join in too!
by ZeusKnows August 06, 2007
desserts i like at freebirds
hey can i borrow some money, i really want a dilf.
by kmart=) August 05, 2008
Dog I'd Like to Fuck

Can be any breed (Shepherd, Terrier, Husky, etc.)
Person #1: That Chihuahua is a DILF.
Person #2: You sick bastard.
by {W@R} March 12, 2006
the same as gangely. it is the word flid (meaning short arms and legs) reversed. therefore long arms and legs
check out that geezer, what a dilf
by hurleyburley23 April 19, 2008
a penis the size of a nipple
yours! you have a dilf you dilflet!!!!!!!!!
by divnep April 15, 2008
Daughter I'd Like To Fuck
Man, Sue's daughter is such a DILF. I wanna bang her in the worst way.
by MaD July 27, 2005

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