Dad I'd like to F***.
Girl 1: Did you see Stacey's dad?
Girl 2: Totally, what a dilf!
by NowThatsDebatable January 27, 2010
Misha Collins.
A: Have you seen Misha Collins with his son West?
B: Oh they're adorable together!
A: You bet! God Misha's such a dilf.
by killer_coated December 25, 2011
Along the same lines as MILF however aimed at a male,
'Dad Id like to fuck' a hot looking male in his 30s or 40s
Jane and Sarah were discussing the party last might:
'Did you see Suzanne's bloke? God what a DILF he is!'
by tmoffy July 07, 2009
Dad I would like to (sleep with)
simple as this.
Hot daddy=yum
See that tall handsome tan guy with the stroller! He is a total DILF!
by Lady-Confusa April 13, 2009
dad i'd like to fuck

look at that good dad. he is a dilf
by grizzel October 19, 2008
Douche I'd like to forget.

Commonly mistaken as dad Id like to fuck.
Jungy is such a dilf
by Mishappp June 18, 2009
A female's version of MILF (see Milf).

Ben Folds is a DILF!
by I heart Teriyaki April 08, 2009

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