the definition of "Dido-the-so-called-musician" is far off the true definition of the "male-version-of-Dido"

Dido (males only):
the jack of all trade yet too lazy to show it, introvert, secretive, LOVES TO PROCRASINATE, negative at most times, irresponsible - he doesn't like dealing with big stuff, not very sociallable with new people but only close once, funny, malice at times in his own little world, BUT THE ONE INGREDIENT THAT A DIDO HAS is his genious music talents! especially his voice and PIANO!

Dido, can't live with them, can't live without them :)
by Elizabeth Michelle Garzoon April 01, 2010
Top Definition
same as what the other person in the conversation said.
what are you doing? nothing. Diddo
by Sam May 10, 2004
the lazy way of saying "ditto" meaning "same"
I hate being sick.

by tmcandrew September 21, 2010
1-Dido (in the Aeneid) the
queen and founder of Carthage,
who fell in love with the
shipwrecked Aeneas and killed
2-The most beautiful, most innocent, most talented female artist in pop music today
with warm vocals and touching lyrics
Simply :
Did you hear her last Album (Life For Rent) MAN! It's excellent
by Belal Abdulrahman August 29, 2005
A legendary person, best known for his quote "we will go for some pizza or something else that is not against the law.

An adjective, expressing getting angry, doing stupid things/running risk of getting hurt drunk.

Mountain didos, slang for mountain dew.
I'm getting really didos

I have to stop being this didos, I've only drank a half beer tonight.
by prof r November 03, 2012
stupid boy who acts differnt in front of friends
he around his friends he acting so dido

by edrina March 22, 2008
fucking dull.
No mate, wasn't listening because she's so Dido
by eldoe April 01, 2011
Bland female pop starlet who rumour has it consumes her own urine on an extremely regular basis.
Christ on a bike, that Dido doesn't half guzzle a lot of piss.
by Baron von Satisfactory September 01, 2006
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