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1. male part of body that hangs between legs
2. sounds good in front of everything if pissed of or angry
3. used to describe people as an asshole
1. check out my dick ladies
2. fuck shit dick cat
2. hey you little dick shit im gona blast you
3. that guys a fucking dick
by cash master June 21, 2009
44 14
A dick is what I use for sexual pleasure! I get a guy with a big dick, the bigger the better. He pulls his pants down and let's me suck his huge dick, also known as a blowjob. After he gets enough if that, he starts to rub and lick my pussy. After I start to cum loads of cum, we both start fucking. He sticks his dick up my pussy and goes in and out. He goes as fast a race car in a race. We both start to moan because of the good feeling. He starts to cum. Then he takes his dick out of my pussy and puts it up my ass. He does the same thing with my pussy. In and out and really fast. after we both have an orgasm, He starts to eat my pussy. Then I give him another blowjob. Then we put our clothes on, he gives me money and then he leaves. After that, another guy come in and we start it all over :)
dick, a dick enlcosed, become a dick outside and in my pussyyyy
He sticks his dick up my pussy for sexual sensation!

dick is now dick
by dickinmypussy:) October 09, 2008
82 52
a male organ used to attract women
male: see it? now you want to make love with me don't you?

female: i want your dick inside me
by swedishfish2001 June 10, 2009
40 12
Another word for penis

used for sex

wat pussy likes
i felt the huge dick all over my pussy

that huge dick made me lose control
by angel gonzalez April 08, 2007
55 27
A special part of a mans body which sometimes he strokes to get pleasure when he cant get any pussy.
Guy1: Dude, he got that magic dick
Guy2: Hell yea!
by Jackmethefuck April 24, 2008
42 15
a guy who is a cocky jerk, and thinks that all women love him, but in reality they think he is annoying.
Nathan: "Ohhh I am so good at ping pong, and no one can beat me because I'm the best and I can get any girl I want because everyone else sucks."

Melissa: "Nathan shut up, you're a dick and no one likes you and you're ugly!"
by Mel326 June 16, 2008
53 30
The sexy long organ on a male that extends from between his legs, just above his sexy balls. There are several uses for this sexy device: 1. To seduce or draw in hot, sexy girls into having sex. 2. To have sex with a girl. 3. As a girl's toy, many girls like so suck on dicks. 4. To induce pleasure to the owner of said dick, mainly be having it be fondled, licked, kissed, sucked on, or inserted into the pussy of his girlfriend. 5. To get a girl hot and ready for sex by pressing it against her pussy while making out, thus turning her on.
Man, last night, i used my dick to do that girl so hard, she sucked on it so hard, i pressed it against her pussy to get her nice and hot before we had sex
by Belrok January 20, 2010
32 10