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When a man does something stupid a/o embarrasing a/o frivolous
for the "LOVE" of a woman.
OIL TRADER:..."So we're walking through the park...and we drop a blanket on the grass at the amphitheater...and as I
poured wine for us,I had JEFFREY OSBOURNE come out on stage and sing LOVE which point I presented her with a 4ct. rock.-and a proposal.Cool,yeah?"

ARMS DEALER:"That is so fucking DIAMOND COMMERCIAL.Don't repeat it to anyone else.Congratulations."
by L.MARTIN December 04, 2005
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adj. when some source of media tries too hard to be sexy/sophisticated/sleek.
Hey did you check out new vid far Circus yet?

I did, and honestly: a tad diamond commercial nasty, for my taste.
by Donnie Gray December 06, 2008
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