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drunk hot mess;
what to call a girl when she is having too much fun being far too drunk, but somehow still looking good all the while

at this point, she is usually too wild to be coaxed to stop drinking.. don't even bother trying to fix her hair
Damn, look at the DHM still taking shots.
by elmare November 08, 2010
12 2
An action that demonstrates a "callous disregard for human life" and results in death. Used as an exaggeration when someone overlooks feelings or seems not to care. Implying they care SO little, they're killing you.
OMG could you shut up about you and your new boyfriend, you are totally DHMing me!
by IRVogue March 28, 2013
5 0
Dick Head Maneuver
Asking my girlfriend if she's pregnant was a real DHM, dude.

See also: ahole, douchebag
by Kanen April 30, 2012
1 0
dry hump master, the master of dry humping
pete do is the dhm!!!!!!
by ian fowler September 21, 2007
2 3