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DGO - Dude got owned. When someone just gets owned by someone else, even when he isn't responsible for the other persons fail.
Girl walks up to a guy, slaps him, empties her glass in his face and gives him the finger. A bunch of guys a few feet away witness it and their gang-leader yells "DGO!!"
by -dju November 24, 2010
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An abbreviation for the term 'Dad get off,' referencing an abusive father but often used to express when someone is being overly controlling.
Bill- 'Come on Lindsey, we should be heading home now'
Lindsey- 'OMG DGO you're so pushy'
by Ronald Schlongford July 21, 2014
DGO: Don't Go On

when someone is 'going on' DGO can be used as a response.
Person A: I dislike fishing, and all other sports...
Person B: DGO
by khalifaaddict January 26, 2011
An acronym for Don't Get Owned.
Kevin you suck a halo 3 bitch. dgo.
by starshooter November 19, 2007

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