Drunk while face booking
by pall mall man October 23, 2009
Simply put: An acronym for Doctor Fingered Butt
It is important that this is not the same thing as a normal prostate check-up, but rather an incident in which the recieving party has something wrong with them. This originated in a school after a kid was found to have become a DFB as a result of not shitting right.
John had another doctors appointment yesterday, he's such a DFB
by crazymjb June 20, 2006
DFB, known as Dem Franchize Boyz. A rap group who sang Oh I think they like me and Black Tees. (I think they are the best and coolest group ever)
Guy who likes DFB: Hey man, you know DFB rules don't ya?
Random guy on the street: What is DFB? Is DFB a disease?
Guy who likes DFB: No man, don't you nothing nothing bout DFB?
by alphabetcrazyman December 11, 2006

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