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A Hindu name. It belonged to one of the greatest charachters of MAHABHARATA. Devvrat was the son of King Shantanu of Hastinapur and the divine Ganga (river). Devvrat spent the early part of his life in divine company in heaven with his mother. He later returned to earth to his father. DEVVRAT was blessed with DIVINE LOOKS, INTELLIGENCE, and was extremely BRAVE. HE was UNEQUALLED IN ARCHERY. He later came to be known as BHISHMA PITAMAH. BHISHMA means one who undertakes a solemn vow and fulfills it. Devvrat vowed to remain celibate all his life and gave up his right to the throne as heir-- to please one of his father's queens. Hence Devvrat was also called BHISHMA.
Devvrat, son of Shantanu and the heavenly Ganga.
by jqwu February 04, 2010
Charismatic, Debonair and Fun combined
You are really Dev vrat.
by BlazeKU April 12, 2011
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