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Definition of DELICKUICIOUS Pronounced: Del lick you licious
1: affording great pleasure : This is the final tease before the passion ignites within the night
2: appealing to one of the bodily senses especially of taste, Smell, Licking
— de·lick-u-iciously adverb

— de·lick-uicious noun

3: What you say after eating dessert (or many desserts) that is sure to stimulate feelings of completeness, passion, and love

Middle English, Competely made up
This is the most delickuicious ice cream I have ever eaten.

Delickuicious aromas were floating from the kitchen as she cooked wearing only an apron

a delickuicious bit of gossip about what Andre did to Bob that will make you blush.
by James Toy March 08, 2011
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