1. Initials for "Doing Dick(s) Online," in reference to homosexual, bisexual, transexual, and heterosexual encounters made online for sexually explicit goals.

2. The public declaration that someone is looking to have sex with men, especially in an online format.

3. A declaration that casual, free sex with men is desired, especially initiated in an online context (such as through video game chat rooms, instant message programs, etc.).

4. A sexually explicit reference to one's desire to have sexual intercourse with men, usually brought about by online initiation, and sometimes offering monthly payments for the relationship (known as a "subscription" or "VIP account," such as in prostitution) or by free "experimenting" or a "free account," whereby the sexual relationship with men is more casual in nature.
A DDO party helps me erect my level, as I search both Google and Urban Dictionary for 'Doing Dicks Online.'
by AlmightySnootch July 28, 2010
Top Definition
Killing Anonops.
Chippy1337 DDoS'd anonops
by Carlos1337 December 21, 2011
Distributed Denial-Of-Service: Form of electronic attack involving multiple computers, which send repeated HTTP requests or pings to a server to load it down and render it inaccessible for a period of time. Often used by freedom fighters on the Internet, usually attacking the systems of greedy corporations who want to sacrifice YOUR freedom for their profits.
Man, the RIAA got DDOSed again last Saturday! That's the third time this month! Maybe soon we'll have those kidraping fuckers off the 'net for good!
by Mystikan February 26, 2004
Distributed Denial of Service (see DoS). Similar to DoS except in that it's an attack orchestrated from multiple compromised computers onto one target.
1> Dude, can you log onto DalNET IRC?
2> Naw, their servers are being DDoS'ed to hell.
1> Boo. Bunch of script kiddies and lusers I'm willing to bet.
by MoonKnight November 13, 2002
Dungeons and Dragons Online. An MMORPG loosely based on the popular pen and paper game by the same name. Eerily similar to other MMORPG's like WOW, DDO disappointed many with a premature launch and a hefty monthly subscription. Early reviews of the game were mixed, with playability affected by multiple crashes, unreliable updates, and unpredictable down times. Very laggy gameplay with almost un-playable delays lasted for several months. The single player experience did not materialize as advertised. The gameplay itself tho is versatile and balanced. Game exploits, or overutilization of game flaws for gain, are usually nixed by the developers with the next game update, or patch. Game graphics and sound effects are good/excellent for a large MMORPG. The HUD is very customizable and instinctive. Game AI is fair, but tracking leaves something to be desired. A disembodied voice anounces a few obvious details at the beginning of a few quests, obviously a thwarted and irritating attempt to simulate a dungeon master. Character development and progression is well done, following the general outlines of the pen and paper game. In-game progression though, was capped at a low level, as again, the rush to production did not allow the developers to flesh out the mid/upper levels of game play.

Overall a good MMORPG, with excellent visual and auditory experiences and good gameplay, but hurt by a premature launch and a laggy game experience, despite a hefty monthly price tag.
That new game, DDO, rocks on my new computer!
by Dundread August 15, 2006
Distributed Denial of Service: the cancer that is (effectively) killing 4chan.
The site is still down due to an ongoing DDoS attack.

Remember kids: DDoS is cruise control for cool.
by m<3<3t July 25, 2008
Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) Definition. A denial of service (DoS) attack is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of a host connected to the Internet.
Anonymous frequently ddos websites they don't like.
by SpiderMan Woooosh March 01, 2015
Distributed Denial of Service
My network just got DDoSed by NovalyTech stresser, so I was unable to connect to the internet.
by NovalyTech.com January 20, 2015

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