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Noun: An event where someone makes a visit to the home of a freind/relative/acquaintence for a short videogame session, and then use that as an excuse to steal a canned beverage from the fridge of said friend/relative/acquaintance.
Etymology: derived from the words "DDR"(Dance Dance Revolution: a popular rhythm/music game developed by KONAMI) "steal"(the act of maliciously taking something that does not belong to you) and "Dew"(shortened variation of Mountain Dew, a Pepsi product)
Noun: "Mabye I'll stop by for a round of ddrsteal-a-dew before I leave town"
by marty_ozone September 07, 2005
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When your best buddy wants to come over and chat for a little while, play a round of DDR, and use that as an excuse to take a can of mountain dew from the fridge.
"Hey, I'm going to come over and play a round or two of ddrstealadew, kay?"
by Andrew and Marty September 07, 2005

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