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An acronym for Dance Dance Repetitive Strain Injury.

It's the pain you get in your calves or thumbs (if you play with a controller) from playing too many dance mat style games, in particular the Bemani series of Dance Dance Revolution games.

It can also refer to the eye strain and headaches often encounter when staring at the flashing arrows and strobing background of tracks of an above-average difficulty, for example, Dead End on Expert (Dancing Stage Euromix) or Paranoia (Dirty Max Mix).

Symptoms of DDRSI include
frequent visual hallucinations of brightly coloured arrows
loss of feeling in the thumbs/feet
aural hallucinations of things such as "P-p-perfect" or "You're doin great" when performing mundane tasks
being able only to travel at ninety degree angles to your starting point
humming j-pop songs without realising it and tapping your feet in a vague 4-stepped pattern
seeing a red traffic light and assuming you've selected the "difficult" driving level
using the phrase "You're no ordinary guy!" in normal conversation more than once in a one hour period
going to a club/rave and making sure you have a square of personal space in which to bust your moves
freaking out if you don't step in the centre of a tile/paving slab/carpet square

Not to be confused with ParaParaPaRSI, which is totally different.
Note also, that if you have managed to get a groin strain (it can and oes happen) whilst playing DDR, it does not count as DDRSI. It counts as either being ridiculously good, or very, very silly.
"Argh, I can't even hold a pen, my thumbs have the worse DDRSI ever"

"Did you see Hiro? He's got some chronic DDRSI, I saw him drawing arrows on his text book in biology..."
"He totally flipped out when he tripped ad stepped half on a tile."

"Can't......walk......DDRSI......too bad" *collapses*
by Kynapple November 19, 2007
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