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Stands for "drug dealer time." At least 4 hours past the actual time. For example, 2:00 pm would actually be 6:00 pm in "dd time" This time laspe occurs only when you are in dire need of drugs, and your normally reliable dealer is busy. Thus, when the dealer tells you that they'll be good in a half hour, they actually mean over three and a half hours later. See "shit outta luck"
Pete:(2:30pm) brah, i'll have that bud in a half hour. I'll text you when i get there.
Joe:(2:31pm) ok.
Pete:(6:30pm) Brah, I'm at my boys house, its the one with the red charger in the driveway, Brah.
Joe:(6:32pm) okay i knew you meant DD time because i actually really needed them today.
by redchargerbrah May 18, 2011
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