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1. saying you will be somewhere at a certain time and showing up approximately thirty minutes to an hour late.
dude - where is josh at? he said he would be here a half hour ago.

dude2 - he is always late, he is on drug dealer time.
by xskwizmx March 16, 2010

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Drug Dealer time is like being on mushrooms. 1 minute feels like 2 minutes. But instead you are not on mushrooms and you are waiting an extra minute for every minute said. Drug Dealers obviously don't know how to tell time and when they say they will meet you in 15 minutes. You won't see them till half an hour. There's a few reasons why this is...
-They think they will be there in time, but somehow traffic is always slow.
-They know they won't be there in time but they want you there first so they don't have to wait.

-Or they just are fucking dicks and don't care about you.
Drug Dealer Time

Drug Dealer- "go there now ill be there in 10"
Me- "Alright"
-20 Minutes later-
Me- "where are you?"
Drug Dealer- "I'm almost there 5 mins"
-10 minutes later-
Me- "where you at dude?"
Drug Dealer- "I'm a block away"
-3 minutes later-
Drug Dealer Arrives
by Peshyo November 15, 2011