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(Noun) Delicious Coors Light
We'll take 12 wings and a round of DCL's, thanks babe.
by banker101 January 02, 2011
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dick chugging lips sometimes referred to as dick sucking lips. this is usually a female who has a large set of lips. these lips would be particularly good for a blowjob.
Corey loves a girl that has a nice set of dcls.
by Justin Pags January 24, 2008
Double Chin Laughing: When you are on skype laying in bed and you laugh without making a noise making you look like you have a double chin.
Dude I was DCL last night in my dorm room. I almost woke up my roommate.
by yavyavruu October 18, 2011
a nick name for a double chinned LIAR
Oh my god, DCL is coming.
by oohhhmyyyydcl November 07, 2007

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