Dirty Beer Shits
(After a long night of beer drinking)
My ass wont like me tomorrow when DBS blows up my toilet.
by Tony KA August 09, 2008
Stands for "Dyke Butt Swagger" - a unique way of walking, commonly attributed to Lesbians, characterized by a wide-set stance, minimal hip movement, and a casual shifting of weight from side to side
I'm pretty sure that woman was on the team. She definitely had DBS.
by canofsoup February 10, 2010
Don't be slutty.
Number 1 rule for all girls, DBS.
by MizzouTigersSuck January 31, 2009
A rather hefty badman with a ginger beard. Often found in the wilderness, the DBS is a scavenger by nature who favours human flesh. It is said that you can hear the roar of a DBS from up to 5 miles away. Usually surrounded by protecive and highly dangerous spiders of rage.
Look at that DBS over there, he's eating a human leg.
by Raaaasboombaclatch March 29, 2006
Dirty Butt Syndrome when you ass isn't quite clean and you start to itch and develope a rash
I took a shit earlier and now i'm sporting some DBS
by billgardner June 02, 2010
DBS means drity bum sex
I had DBS with my friend Carl
by Big Dave February 15, 2005
abbreviation of 'Dog's Bollocks', i.e. something or someone close to superlative
This bike is the DBs - easily the best i've ever had
by Anarresti September 17, 2006

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