"Died-by-laughing"(v) means the ultimate laugh, when you can't stop laughing your head start to hurt and your face hurt after
Hey friends I just seen this baby pull out his mom nipple and she didn't know. "dbl"
by WiggsMann Skyline July 14, 2011
Top Definition
This is a Text message accranym that is sent from Paedophile to Paedophile. It means, Dusty Blonde Lulu, and thats a male paedophile disguised as a lion.
DBL, at ten o'clock!
by J.A.Woodhouse May 22, 2003
Death By Laughter/ Died By Laughter
Wayne: Bro, I Heard You Got Rejected By May, How?

Alex: I Tried To Talk To Her, But Before I Said A Word She Said "No" With A Hand Up All My Face

Wayne: OMFG, DBL! Your Messed Up
by HellRaiser305 June 03, 2010
Do it. Be it. Live it.

Inspirational words that are said to help u become what you set your mind to.
Evelyn: I take extremely nice pictures. I should become a photographer.
Jasmine: cool... Do it. Be it.

Evelyn: Live it. D.B.L.!
by Swerve Swerve June 28, 2012
Death by lag, when you are playing a video game and your comp lag ends up killing you
1:Come on man what was that
2:DBL :(
by kokokocho March 31, 2014
DBL is an abbreviation for double. This shortcut is usually used on forums when you are posting on a thread and think you didn't really click the post button but its just because of your crappy internet and you try to send the post again but the forums registers it as double posting.
Misteraznkid: http://www.vagina.com/suckit.php

Misteraznkid: DBL Post. Delete Please.

Catch.22: HAHA! Nub.
by misteraznkid August 14, 2008
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