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it stands for Double Bass Kings. The best shufflers in Sydney. They might have broken off into their own destinies and shuffled til they died
Shuffler1: Holy shit! Its the DBK Masters!
Shuffler2: We're gonna get owned so bad....
by Double Bass King August 19, 2011
A young man who embodies the values of passion, integrity, and grit in all of his endeavors. Generally, a DBK has limitless energy, strong leadership ability, and a desire to help others. Due to these characteristics, however, a DBK often ruffles a few feathers and has a handful of people who don't much care for him, but these detractors are far outweighed by those who like and respect him.
Parent 1: Who is that guy in charge of that fundraiser for the boy who is fighting cancer?

Parent 2: I don't know who he is, but he is definitely a DBK.
by Local_Legend February 20, 2013
Dirty Balloon Knot
I can smell your DBK
by ElleBee December 25, 2012
Graff king of the dead boroughs, unknown.
DBK tagged ur moms house
by thereal_dbk December 09, 2011
Dirt Bag Kings
A group of gutter individuals that handle busness at all costs, highly trained
swagg like a motherfucker
Hey you see them D.B.K. niggas tearin up that party over there on the west side? Yo crown crusha was high as a plane. I can't believe them dirt bag kings.
by Nikko Crown Crusher Warner February 09, 2009
DBK refers to a secretive elite group of mainly men, and a rake, that toke it up like fucking pro's, you know you ain't a rook when you can toke like the members of DBK!
Members include: Bong Action Man, Bill the Ripper 4000, Killer Kone, Red burning Blunt, Black Bong, Lil' Toker, Rake Tokin'!
Onlooker: Oh shit man thats DBK!
DBK(Member/s of): Took it up rook! Watch the pro's rip billy's and slay that shit!
by Bong Action Man March 26, 2008
Douch Bag Kid
Jimmy sure is a DBK

Schooley is such a fucking DBK
by arturo trafny August 19, 2008