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A slur for an internet Troll. also people who trip balls under a bridge
Upset gamer: "That god damn bridge kid tea bagged me again!"
by TwuntPunt October 11, 2014
1. n An Elitist person, typically male, who creates a group,secret or otherwise, in order affirm their feelings of supiority over others. Originates from a group who typically met under bridges.

2. n. One who imitates the Dead Poets Society by creating a group of a similar nature.

3. n. A latent homosexual.One who secretly wishes to engage in Butsecks. see ass pirate
I was walking my dog last night and saw some bridge kids running off into the woods for a late night meeting.

"Dude I asked this kid what time it was and starting spiting random quotes from 18th century literature. He turned out to be a total bridge kid."

by Shelly Glen February 22, 2007
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