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Stands for "Douchebag In The Locker Room." Everyone can spot a douchebag, but not everyone can spot a Douchebag in the Locker Room or DBITLR. A DBITLR is a man who most women think is sweet, caring and even naive. No way; it is all an act. This is the public persona. The DBITLR reveals his true self to the other boys in the locker rook. The guys know he is a DB, but the girls are clueless.
That Mike Seaver from Growing Pains -- total DBITLR. Other notables include: Kobe Bryant (pre-accusation) and Scott Peterson (pre-Lacy murder). Kobe and Scott are now DBs, but qualified as DBITLRs in their more innocent days.
by Etreicha October 10, 2006
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