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drink beers get laid
we won the game, tonight we are gonna DBGL
by Ward August 31, 2003
Dos Box Game Launcher, an utility made for newbie people to use dosbox in easy way
most frequent kind of dialogue between two people about dbgl

a noob: haw do i run dis on xp machine? kthxbye
a seminormal person: use dosbox. but considering your grammar use a dbgl
a noob: WTf iS DOsboX and DOes iT rUN ON XP? and WTF IS DBGL AND WHaER do i GET iT??
a seminormal person: why won't you rather get a life instead
a noob: OMG u SUX
a seminormal person: at least get back to the first grade and learn some english?
a noob: U SUX! LMAO
by seriouslyWeird December 24, 2007
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