drink beers get laid
we won the game, tonight we are gonna DBGL
by Ward August 31, 2003
5 Words related to DBGL
Dos Box Game Launcher, an utility made for newbie people to use dosbox in easy way
most frequent kind of dialogue between two people about dbgl

a noob: haw do i run dis on xp machine? kthxbye
a seminormal person: use dosbox. but considering your grammar use a dbgl
a noob: WTf iS DOsboX and DOes iT rUN ON XP? and WTF IS DBGL AND WHaER do i GET iT??
a seminormal person: why won't you rather get a life instead
a noob: OMG u SUX
a seminormal person: at least get back to the first grade and learn some english?
a noob: U SUX! LMAO
by seriouslyWeird December 24, 2007

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