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Douche-bag cock-block; Someone so sickeningly full of himself that every misguided female in the area somehow finds it charming and is convinced that she wants to be full of him too; 'That guy' (as in "Don't be that guy.")
"I don't know how or why, but that asshole is juggling three different girls; what a DBCB."
by Two Concerned Citizens September 13, 2008
Double Bacon Cheese Burger, aka the best pizza topping known to humankind (at least in Australia)
"We're getting Domino's what do you want"
"DBCB obviously"
by mitunapasta April 13, 2015
Death by cheeseburger
He went to McDonalds so often, he suffered from DBCB
by Pyronious Rex June 12, 2006

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