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"Don't be a douche bag." Phrase that many people need to hear, also the name of a song by the Jump Smokers.
Guy 1 (dbag): "Bro, is my shirt tight enough? My hair spikey enough? My hat Ed Hardy enough?"

Guy 2 (not dbag): "Dude, DBADB."
#douchebag #dbdb #douche bag #jump smokers #dbag
by listenhere09 August 23, 2010
Acronym for "Don't Be A Douchebag." Many nerds also use it for "Doing Business As, a Douchebag," and "Designed by a Douchebag."
Joe: Hey Mike, DBADB. Mike: Sorry bro.

Tamara: Wow what a shitty dress. Tiffany: I bet it was DBADB.
#db #douchebag #bag #bag of douche #bags of douche
by Huge DB July 29, 2008
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