dbab stands for dont be a bitch.

"ay doggie, come chill with the crew friday night"
"naw man i got homework, lol"
"....ninja DBAB .., come thru!"
by vol2bigsby March 10, 2008
Top Definition
"Yo Vic let's go out and shoot some hoop."
"No man I need a nap right now."
"DBAB! You slept 15 hours last night!"
by Nick D April 05, 2003
DBAB: Don't be a bitch.

I needed a quick way of letting friends know not to be a bitch.
When someone says something unflattering, snide, or catty, a simple,

Hey asshole, DBAB,

will get the message across.
by Joe 'Mo August 13, 2010
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