Don't Be An Asshole

from Breaking Bad
"This is a huge opportunity bitches. DBAA."

"I want first and last months rent as well as two more months on top of it. DBAA charge."
by glassmaster09mofucka April 05, 2009
Don't be an Asshole!
DBAA, dude!
by GammeRJammeR April 05, 2009
Dont be an Asshole.
Hey Alex, D.B.A.A.

Alex: Stfu
by Vagtastic voyage 16p\7\] December 30, 2009

From Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 5: “Breakage” !

Jane: And in addition to first and last, I want two more months. D.B.A.A. fee, non-refundable.
Jesse: Yeah, of course. Non-refundable. D.B.A.A. Obviously. Yeah., uh...what's D.B.A.A?
Jane: Don't Be An Asshole.

-Breaking Bad-
by Secretos February 02, 2014

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