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Root: Combination of the japanese word "Dai" meaning great, large, important (etc) and pwn.

Usage Rules: *Always* shouted or typed in Caps Lock
not just pwned... DAIPWNED!!
by LE4dGOLEM March 21, 2005
Daipwned, created regarding a large amount of injury induced by a large sword in a roleplaying game.

Created on Feb 20, 2005, 12:39 pm in reference to a gaming tale that the creator was retelling.

Must always be typed in full caps or shouted at full volume
Dude a: Dude, the sword shouldn't go in that far
Dude b: he got owned
Dude a: and how
by Drake Dragonslayer February 20, 2005
Quite literally, pwned with an oversized sword.
*hits a guy with an oversized sword*
by Some dude February 20, 2005

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