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A phrase invented by the admiral and modified by the pharaoh.

Used to yell at pedestrians as you pass by in a car.

To get someone steamed after asking them for the time.

To cut someone off in the middle of a sentence.
Passenger: Excuse me sir, do you have the time?
Pedestrian: *loooking at watch*
Passenger: DAHRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan: How was the movie?
Charlie: Well I think it could...
by Ivan, Mayo January 30, 2006
Said at the end of Forehead Shavecut, it is a very highly addicting word in which when you say it, you give someone an upsidedown middle-finger.

It's just awsome as it is.
"I am Courtney!"
"Haha, I love that part. Courtney get me my gun! No! WAHAHA!!"
by Nyssa W. September 23, 2006
a word used to imitate retards
Alvirip never helped pay the bills and everytime I brought it up I'd get the "dahr... I... uh... I don't have a job right now... duh... uh... When haven't I paid you back before Chad?"(subconscious.. duh... what?... dahr... I'm stupid)
by Gior June 05, 2005