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The funniest flash movie ever made. It doesn't have to make sense to be hilarious.
Hey Bob, have you seen Forehead Shavecut?
Bob: Yeah man, I love that movie. I wish Jesse Jones would make a sequel.
by Babby September 30, 2006
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The most Retarded flash movie ever made that dosent make any shred of sense at all.Here's a line:

dude 1: ...and there she lay... and I...
dude 2: you what?
dude 1: ...I hit her with a beanbag.
dude 2: *gasps* you criminal! society!
dude 1: nooooo!!!
officer: you're staying in jail for 12 years, 12 years, thats such an odd number, isn't it?
dude 1: I like beans!
Ggfgfghghjhjhj hhghghgjgkjhjhjhjjgjhbjh jjbnbhbnnbbnmnmn Forehead Shavecut.
by Qrrbrbrbielbel July 09, 2006

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