1. Lame beyond reason
2. something with a disappointing outcome.
thats hella daff that we lost the game.
by bronxbaby August 18, 2009
Top Definition
Drunken Asshole Football Fan. These are the dude's from UK and Irish stag parties that go running around Eastern Europe trashing the place and getting into fights.
Check out that gang of DAFFs over there, how long do you think before the local police club their skulls. They don't seem to understand that you can't fuck around like that in other countries
by borisSDT January 15, 2011
An acronym that stands for double anal fisting fagget.
You may use this as a verb if you add ing.
Matthew was being such a daff today.
Mark is daffing with Cole.
That's dafftastic.
by Dave Blazing September 28, 2010
Daff is a great Medal of honor player that have skills in all the weird Norwegian way's you will never understand,
Daff can be used in words like "You got Daffed"
by Teh great almighty April 06, 2004
daff - replaces the suburban word "that" .plural "that's"
" Daff Right!"

"Daff's Mines!!,I got dat @ walmart, bitch "

spanish translation " daff what I sayz mang,"
by Ronniebb3d December 06, 2006
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