D.A.F. Dope-As-Fuck
Adjective synomous with other such as cool, sweet, dope bitch'n
It is similar to the other words, but taken to the max in all instances of use.
Some Guy: Dude, That movie was D.A.F.
Some Other Guy:Indeed it was like the greatest thing since clairvoyant's science fiction double feature cd
#awesome #cool #sweet #dope #bitch'n
by Jonas Hill November 05, 2007
Top Definition
Derived from the Canadian cult television show 'Trailer Park Boys', DAF is an acronym for “Drunk as Fuck”. This phrase is utilized by the character Ricky to describe his advanced state of inebriation in the show’s third season.

One is DAF after imbibing to such a degree of excess that communication in any human language system is rendered unreliable at best. All basic sense of social propriety dissolves into a chaos of impulses. The DAF individual is, in movement, reduced to little more than a quadruped and can only walk upright in the most severely erratic, uncoordinated fashion.

During the period when one is DAF, it is likely that one may sing (poorly), dance (frighteningly), cry (piteously), DEV (see definition), leer goatishly at others, or collapse by the side of a road.
"Boris couldn't keep it together last night; he was completely DAF!"
by Parmenides June 27, 2003
dumb as fuck
That bitch is daf, fo real.
#dumb bitch #jm #estupido #ritard #dum dum
by cwoww April 15, 2011
Drunk As Fuck; to be shit faced
"We're getting DAF tonight!"

"Saturday night was a DAF night!"
#drunk #shit-faced #wasted #hammered #hammed
by Caitlin K August 26, 2007
An acronym for the phrase "Do a Fucking Search".
For use when someone is wasting other people's time by asking questions about something that could be answered easily somewhere else (esp. a search engine of some sort).
"Dude, DAFS and stop wasting our time"
"Before you come to this message board asking stupid questions, man, DAFS."
by K Hizzle December 29, 2004
dope as fuck
Jeb: Did he just say "I'll stomp yo face, til yo face say Nike Air?"

Adam: Ya. DAF
#daf #dope as fuck #dope as f*ck #fucking dope #fuckin dope
by ajweemis April 01, 2011
An acronym for DRUNK AS FUCK.
Geoff: Hands up! Who wants to get D.A.F. tonight?

Mark: Dude... I was D.A.F. last night! What happened?
#daffed #drunk #shit-faced #wasted #drunk as fuck
by gwhatley April 24, 2009
An abbreviation for the statement "Dope as Fuck" originally thought up by Sean Place after being made fun of for using the word "dope" as a description.
Yo, that rave you threw last week was daf! Uh!

Your mothers cheesecake was daf. And the cherries, wow.

This weekend was daf. Capital D.
#dope #hot #killer #sweet #sick
by daf punk August 23, 2009
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