similar to meh, but means anger. An instantanious reaction to an objectional/shocking situation.
Catie said DA after Jet tried to make fun of her for loving Jimmy.
by combined forces of MAC and BU November 16, 2003
Top Definition
THE for people who are to stupid to string all three letters togather
that is da bomb
by Danny February 10, 2004
1. (russian) Yes
2. (slang) The
Are you a giraffe?
by Jules February 25, 2005
DA means district attorney. The relevance of this and urban terminology is it's connection with punishment for crimes. If you get caught by the 'Po (police for yall) selling drugs or whatnot, you will probably have to deal with a District Attorney. District Attorneys only practice law in district courts (imagine that). If you murder someone or get caught with enough coke to make a state, or even worse, a federal case, you won't be dealing with a DA, you'll be fucking with a whole new ballpark of lawyers and attorneys.
My homie Broham is in and out of court for possesion of narcotics and unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon. So, me and big 'Maal are about to show that fuckin DA how my strap works.
by Your Father January 23, 2005
It's short for deviantART
You can see my pictures on dA
by Melvin January 19, 2005
I was in da club.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
used as "father" in some parts of ireland
"That's me da"
by Cully April 01, 2003
Short for District Attorney hated on
"fuck the DA cuz wut she say, she dont give a fuck about yo ass anyway"
by money money monai January 04, 2005

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