Short for District Attorney hated on
"fuck the DA cuz wut she say, she dont give a fuck about yo ass anyway"
by money money monai January 04, 2005
1. Ebonics for "the".
2. (German) There.
1. What up in da hizzouse?

2. Wer ist das da drüber? (Who is that over there?)
by Mike December 22, 2003
A short form of "District Attorney". DA, D.A.
Jay Z...D.A. try to give a nigga shaft again

50 Cent..I try not to say nothing, the DA might want to play in court
by Kaify November 20, 2004
D.a stands for dead ass espically when using internet talk or aim.
Man are you D.a ( dead ass) meaning man are you serious
by Cherrylove August 24, 2009
You idiot, you're the D.A. for the day
by Riley Gish im a pornstar November 05, 2003
Short for the conjunction the, but one letter shorter
Slay da pussy
by Pengueleon May 04, 2015
DA is for the term dumbass
you such as DA for putting district attorney as DA in an URBAN dictionary
by Phat god June 23, 2005

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