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Down to dome, to be alright with giving someone a BJ. Usually said by a girl to a guy.
Are you d2d?

dude that chick would be d2d.
by RRRDDD August 28, 2010
when two males makes contact with anothers genital parts.
lets do d2d after school dude.
by thechamptmb April 01, 2011
done to death
Omigod, uggs with miniskirts is so d2d
by fuckingace August 25, 2008
Day to day
I'm tired of going d2d without a girlfriend. Jerking off everyday is getting old.
by daveyc12300 June 02, 2010
D2D=Down to Dip

Wanting a sexual encounter with a particular female.
The act of inserting the penis in a female.
Yo, did you see that girl in the store?! I was so D2D.

Are you D2D?
by iamcarlitos October 14, 2009

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