Wanksta's who copy the Wu Tang Clan by having the whole a.k.a. theme... Too bad they can't copy the quality of music. Also i'm just wondering does anyone actually think Bizarre has any talent at all??? For real though he is quite shit.
"D12 really aren't very good at what they do.."
by Kurt December 21, 2005
Bunch of corny motherfuckers whoz antics on screen makes u wonder how the fuck they got a record deal. Eminem is really pushing his luck with this shit.. bring all these ass bitches onto his tracks... that fat motherfucker needs to get shot... looks like some kinda chimpanzee on the loose.
D12 are a shithouse bunch of corny motherfuckers, lead by a fag called "Eminem"
by RebelINS July 07, 2004
possibly the gayest rap band know on the face of earth or any other inhabitated planet in the universe
D 12's frontman,eminem, really wishes he was black.
by phillip sims May 20, 2006

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