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The 1337 spelling of "douche" as applied to a person whose level of doucheness is such that (s)he does not deserve to be called the correctly-spelled word.
In short, there is douche, but then there's d00sh.
by Bycho Psitch March 01, 2005
32 7
someone who exceeds the boundries of being a douch to such limits, that the word itself must be changed and zeros thrown in for the word to really mean anything
"Remember when Justin cockblocked us, stole our money, then ditched us when the cops were about to come?"
"Yah. What a d00sh"
by obteene August 07, 2008
10 0
Douche, spelled in 1337.
God, AOL is such a d00sh.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
7 8