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1)A porn term meaning Double Vaginal, Double Anal. 4 men and 1 woman, 2 dicks in her vagina and 2 dicks in her anus.
2)Trey Parker and Matt Stones's (creators of South Park) Band.
1)Man that DVDA was brutal if i wasn't so aroused i would have turned the tv right off.
2)we still need to hire a band, lets get DVDA.
by Moho April 30, 2004
921 151
D.V.D.A is a term used in the porn industry. It is where some horney bitch takes on 4 weiners at once. Two in the ass and 2 in hte vag. It stands for Double Vaginal Double Anal
Man i had never seen a girl take on four men at once, that D.V.D.A was fucked up
by A.K January 18, 2005
677 174
Double Vaginal Double Anal. An act involving four men and one woman. Two dicks in the cunt, two dicks in the shitter. For the men, this act involves having your cock rub up against another man's cock. For women, it involves getting the best stuffing of your life.
After the DVDA, my wife was unable to walk for several days
by King of Porn October 25, 2003
527 155
Porn Term: Double Vaginal, Double Anal
e.g. DVDA. Just me, you and three of my friends.
by dee vee dee ay October 07, 2003
252 75
One kick ass band featuring trey parker and matt stone..the creators of south park
What makes a it the woman in his arms? Just cause she has big titties!!..or is it the way, he fights everyday? its probably the titties NOW YOUR A MAN
by anti beat box December 22, 2003
323 205
Short form for Double Vaginal Penetration and Double Anal Penetration.

This act has been deemed impossible to accomplish with four men and one woman. It can hypothetically be achieved by using sex toys such as a dildo. Hypothetically it can be achieved with 3 men and one sex toy.
" Hey do you want to come over tonight to try and pull off a DVDA with my girl? "

" That girl's so loose she could take a DVDA "

" Want to try a DVDA with me and my friends? "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
141 61
Band formed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of Southpark fame.
Me: Did you here that DVDA track?
Her: What does DVDA stand for?
Me: Well....
by Flame August 29, 2003
173 97