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Kid with no dick. A Dickless Son of a Bitch. known to live at the hamlet, which according to urban legend is located in Western Pennsylvania. He once saved the world. Walks around with green shoelaces that are tied too fucking tight, causing the eyelets to touch on his green adidas sneakers. Ball does it all, but he is still lacking in some areas. Besides all of this, he is very loved and hopes to attend Princeton University in the year 2008.
"Ball..." (refuses to look back) "Ball..." (still refuses to pay attention) "Dicklesssonofabitch!" (the D.S.O.B turns around and asks what you want.)
by joseeee October 09, 2006
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A miserable person who becomes extremely intoxicated, and feels the need to "tell it like it is" and do push ups. Likes to say phrases like "Drink more beer!" Also spouts racist and other politically incorrect statements at a constant rate. Comes from "Drunken S.O.B."
Look at all that beer you drank! You're such a DSOB!
by HRC September 16, 2003

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