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Dangerous Sperm Build Up.

This occurs when a guy hasn't "relieved himself" or had sex for an extended period of time, resulting in an unusual level of horniness. Which could possibly interfere with normal activity.
Dude #1: Man!! I haven't hooked up with any girls in like a month, I have D.S.B.U it's driving me nuts.

Dude #2: Oh Shit!! we need to get you some ass...or a playboy.

by Sebhatu. A October 17, 2007
DSBU or DSBUs, a shorthand for dreaded sperm build up, occuring when a man's sexual partner cannot participate in the sex act, and the man suffers from a concentration of sperm. Characterized by a shuffling gait and sort of milky substance in the eyes. Can be solved by ejaculation.
Dude, since my girl broke her leg, I got the DSBUs!!
by askhdglah April 03, 2011
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