Delayed Reaction Syndrom: Scientifically proven medical condition related to the brain; a mental condition confined to an individuals ability to respond to outside stimuli
I asked Mike how he was doing today. I received no response until 10 minutes had passed, at which time he said (alone and in a dark place) "good, you?" So I responded: "man, you have DRS"!
by tapstah July 06, 2011
Top Definition
Dirty Rotten Skate Society. A song by Afro Jetz, later covered by Refused.

Skatting down on my Suicidal skate
Down to the town the pigs await
They'll never catch me I'm too cool
Make them look like stupid fools

Dirty rotten skate society
Dirty rotten skate society
Dirty rotten skate society
Dirty rotten skate society
by Highly Evolved May 11, 2006
DRS : Deaf Raver Syndrome

The inability to hold a conversation with another person at a reasonable volume due to years of excessive partying in the Rave Scene.

Also known to cause shouting and attempting to speak over other conversations and music after a long night at the Afterhours Club.

Can lead to the need to repeat ones self, miscommunication and sketchy, akward moments of silence that are know to end afterparty's.
Raver : "I don't think I've seen you around the Club much, are you fairly new to the scene?"

Old Skool Rave: " Oh Right on, this is your first party? I remember when I was just first getting in to the scene. Man that was almost 13 years ago. "

Raver : "no this isn't my first rave, I was asking if you were new to the scene, cause I don't think we've met before."

Old Skool Raver: " haha , oh sorry man, I must not have heard you right. you'll have to pardon my DRS. 13 years of
raves are hard on the ears."

Raver: "No worries, ha ha. Yea Dj Deko-ze played at the first party I ever went to. I loved it, he's so awesome"

Candy Kid: " OMG! You used to date Dj Deko-ze??? Wow! Thats crazy, I never knew your gay Chris, why didn't you tell me???"

Raver: "Cause I'm not gay, I said he played at the first party I went to, not that we dated"

~~~ insert akward sketchy moment/silence here.
by aila18 January 20, 2010
Delayed Reaction Syndrome.
-spills soda-
-minute passes-
^^That is D.R.S.
by Lila. November 03, 2009
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

A ownage diablo 2 clan
DRS-rotten_1 owned dem noobs
by DJ June 08, 2004
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