A colloquial term that describes a specific individual native to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It began as a joke but now is used to refer to the filmmaker. Stands for Dougie Mutha' F*ckin' B
Have you seen that new short by The D.M.F.B.? It was pretty tight!
by filmer0343 September 23, 2007
4 Words related to D.M.F.B.
devastate my frail body
1 | "Ryan Ross just replied to my tweet, dmfb"

2 | "I love you so much... You're the only person in the world I want to dmfb"

3 | "i just wanted to innocently like a facebook page called 'devastating ryan ross' frail body' and now having it come back to haunt me and now its a meme. dmfb."
by Goosie July 06, 2014

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