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Dual-Income No Kids Eternally Renting.

A couple who, despite having no kids to suck their dual-income dry, still cannot afford a house.
In these hard economic times with housing prices in the heart of cities like NYC, S.F. and L.A. still grossly inflated, someone you envy as a D.I.N.K. is probably more accurately a D.I.N.K.E.R.
by SHLA December 01, 2010
The word that my grandma would refer to my penis as, when i was a little kid.
G-Ma: "Don't forget to wash your dinker"
Me: "ok"
by soap-operas are gay May 31, 2006
(noun) A penis that is smaller than 2".
My friend has a dinker.
Your mom likes dinkers.
My penis is a dinker times 5.
by CashMoney1014 May 11, 2009
Noun. A word used only by people withhalf-mexican friends. They usually use it when referring to most anything, it is a replacement word when one thinks other words are inadequate. Often used to refer to friends when speaking to them. Originated in Madison, WI.
It's right next to the fire dinker (fire alarm).

Dinker, where are you?
by MadisonsFinest June 26, 2010
Abbreviation. Label. Double Income No Kids.
Referring to a de-facto or married heterosexual or homosexual couple who both undertake full-time employment and do not have any offspring.
"It was obvious the real estate agent was going to favour the dinkers"
by snosrap September 07, 2009
Any type of underwear- excluding bras- to include briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers, panties, thongs, granny panties, bikinis, g-strings, and boyshorts.

Sometimes said with an Australian accent. See below.
On most days I choose not to wear dinkers, I prefer to go commando.

Your pants fell down and I can see ya dinkas!

by TonyaGG January 02, 2009
When a girl has two pony tails on each side of the back of her head. That is called dinkers.
Katie and Allie wanted to wear dinkers for school todway instead of a single ponytail.
by david April 09, 2005
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