In World of Warcraft - Divine Intervention
A Paladin ability that removes a player from combat for 3 minutes, barring them from moving or performing any actions during that time, or until the buff is removed.
Used to prevent a player from dying and incurring gear damage when a wipe is imminent.

Also, in certain situations, used to glitch certain PvE encounters
Raid leader: "Tanks are dead. Wipe it. DI a healer to res us"
by Drgodsauce November 22, 2010
DI- Stands for Dirty Italian. An insult to Italians.
Mike- Wow, I left my bike on my lawn last night and now it's gone.
Vaughan- I hear ya, happened to me too, it must have been those damn DI's.
by Big L aka Mike August 23, 2007
In the financial services industry, DI is disability insurance. It is typically sought by people who are screwed up and are about to "go in the tank" physically or mentally. DI is offered by companies that charge hefty premiums and run claim departments that are intent on reinterpreting the provisions of the policy to prevent the payment of legitimate claims.
"Damn, my boss fucking hates me. This has really messed up my mind. It is a good thing that I got DI, because I feel a mental-nervous disorder coming on."
by Insurance Man April 04, 2006
Digitally Imported Radio. A place for noobs in trance. A sissy forum with loosers posting nonsense most of time. Music on its radio sucks, but OK for newbies who later migrates / graduate to etn and alike.
Dude, DI is shit, I only log in for ASOT.
by Trance_Freak November 07, 2005
Divinie Intervention - California Surf/hardcore-Punk band. Big in the 80's.

punk rock
D.I. was a definitive Cali-Punk band.
by yo April 19, 2004
A word that can be used in scrable to kick ass. It is a math meaning used when discribing a mean person
This guy is a di
by Scrablewinner August 21, 2011
One who is made up of phony-baloneyness;
who gives off an aura of homosexual behaviour.

Truly is an over-achiever, a suck-up, and one who is cocky and smooth with words.
As well, a Di makes commitments and not show up
"Man, you're such a Di"
"Stop being so Di"
"Don't pull a Di.."

by Daisy203 April 27, 2009
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