Donor Insemination

In artificial insemination, when a patient's eggs are fertilized with sperm donated by an anonymous male donor.
"I wanted a child, so I choose DI as the option for me."
by zero8 February 21, 2005
The Scottish word for your grandad
by Tamsynnnnnn' July 05, 2009
Abbreviation for "Dramatic Interpretation" a high school speech event in which a competitor has ten minutes to perform a dramatic performance of a piece of literature (which can be edited down to fit the ten-minute time limit), usually of a sad or serious nature.
"My DI at the upcoming speech tournament is on 'Hamlet'"
by amayzingdaisy December 30, 2012
An incessantly spinning, exciteable and high-spirited phenomenon of nature. Typically found with arms outstretched and/or slightly inebriated and giggling. Mostly female.
1. (in reference to a group of boisterous young women): "There goes another group of Dis", or "There must be at least six Dis in that group!"

2. "(a) Di would definitely make this situation more unpredictable"
by psx9 March 25, 2009
Disposable income
Damn, that guy has a lot of DIs.
by 1234DIs February 09, 2009
A Southern California Punk Rock band, active from 1982 to mid-90s, and reformed a couple of years later. Formed by Adolescents/Social D's ex-drummer Casey Royer, being the only constant original member, other memebers included Rikk Agnew, Derek O'Brien, Dan Colburn among many more.

They relased seven studio albums, Team goon (1984, first relased as EP, later added tracks), Ancient Artifacts (1985), Horse Bites Dog Cries (1985), What good is grief to a god? (1988, tragedy Again (1989), State of Shock (1994), On the Western Front (2007).

There's a lot of bullshit around the "D.I." initials meaning, it actually doesn't means a fuck... just a dirty trick to keep fans idiotized.
No, DI, doesn't means "Drug Ideology"
by Kublecito November 28, 2007
Dumb Idiot; simply being a DI.
Your a DI
by Methdick8 March 05, 2014

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