Abbreviation for DigitallyImported, a streaming radio station on the internet that specilizes in Electronic Dance Music as well as Jazz, Classical, and Salsa.

Also the home of the DI forums... a land of pure EVIL!
Dude, did you hear that mix on DI the other night?
by The Illustrious December 16, 2003
1) a total waste of human existence, even more so than any other possible waste of human existence.
2) a lover of the cock
Di? he LOVES the cock!
by JP November 05, 2003
Only the best person in the world! Even though she has no ears and blonde hair that only goes up half way. See also pubic lice
Oh my God look at the Di's on that guy. Smelly.
by Di September 30, 2003
To "dump inside"

To purposely ejaculate in a woman with hopes of getting her
"Dude, that girl with the phat ass over there makes me wanna D.I."
by Busted Fuse March 14, 2008
Superman or in some cases batman.
Whoa! Look in the sky. It Di!
by Di September 14, 2004
Generally used in place of dick, however it can be subsituted for essentially any word.
"Suck a di"
"Skud yakked a di on the di" (Skud yakked on the futon)
by Coey C February 13, 2005
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