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to be drunk, high, and rolling at the same time. under the influence of alcohol, weed, and e.
Dude i was totally D.H.R. last night
by partyhardywithme October 31, 2010
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Devishly Handsome Rouge
Now that Arthur could see him better up close, he really was a DHR, with big brown eyes and hair to just below his ears and he had a face that anyone could trust.
by Blaize_Sun13 May 09, 2012
Daily, Heroics, Raid - The process of spending the day on World of Warcraft with the purpose of doing Dailies, Heroic Dungeons and Raiding.
Alright guys, I got my Item Level up. It's time for DHR!
by Saiyan_Yugi July 30, 2011

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