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The original jumping skyjacker, Cooper boarded a Northwest Orient flight in Portland, Oregon on 24 November 1971 -- the eve of Thanksgiving. Once aloft he threatened to blow up the plane and demanded $1,000,000 and two parachutes. After the plane landed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport and his demands were met, Cooper ordered the 727 to take off and head for Mexico. He jumped from the rear of the plane somewhere over Washington state, taking the cash with him. Despite exhaustive searches, Cooper's body was never found and the money has never been in circulation. His whereabouts are unknown.
ex.1:For D.B. Cooper and the money he took

ex.2: Lets go pull a D.B
by F1uke November 15, 2006
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The true badass hijacker, alias D.B. Cooper. Took over a plane on Thanksgiving, 1971, with the threat of a bomb in his briefcase. Ordered the plane land, had officials hand him $100000 in cash, then let the passengers off without a scratch. He then ordered the plane take off, and while flying over some mountains the crew heard the cargo hatch open. Cooper strapped the money to his chest, grabbed a parachute and leapt off into the stormy night. He was never seen again, dead or alive, eluding one of the greatest FBI manhunts in history.

The true American hero to many, rather than a dirty thief. He was reportedly quite civil and friendly to his hostages, even offering them drinks. A real-life James Bond.
Guy 1: Yo man do you think D.B. Cooper is alive?
Guy 2: Hell yeah he is, probably sipping martinis on a Caribbean island right now, laughing at all of us. He's da fucking shit.
by thegreatsandwich July 21, 2008
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codename for someone who's a douche bag. hence db. cooper is just there to help cover it up.
A: dude did u here what shit db cooper did today?

B: No dude what?

db cooper: Who did what?

A & B: yea... dont worry about it
by not alex brown May 11, 2010
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