Goverment funded anti-drug program that sends police officers to teach 5th graders how to use common household items to get high. They also show children videos featuring a penguin and a rabbit who kidnap kids and force them to smoke the 'evil' marijuana. Because D.A.R.E. is notorious for using false information and scare tactics, most kids with common sense don't take the program seriously. Basically it's a huge waste of tax dollars and school time.
* 5th Grade Classroom *

D.A.R.E. Officer: Now children, as you know, most drug users are lazy, jobless, homicidal rapists, and since drugs cost alot of money, many druggies will use household items to get high.

Kid: Like what?

D.A.R.E. Officer: Oh, lots of things like white-out, paint thinner, sharpies, keyboard cleaner, whipped cream cans, and gas fumes can be used to get high.

Kid: Whoa, cool!

* Everyone starts sniffing markers *
by sim sim salabim October 13, 2005
a program for kids in elementary school or in highschool that teaches how to stay above the influence and how to just say "No" to them.
DARE: also known as a waste of money really...because noone listens to it and the half the high schoolers do them already.
by himynameishuhnvm September 10, 2008
Acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Pretty much a big waste of tax money and school hours spent by police officers telling 2-4th graders half truths and flat-out lies about drugs. Along with this, they use scare tactics and educational films about drug addicts (who by default MUST be rapists). It wasted my time, and as a highschooler, I know from experience that none of it really matters.
Me:Not to be one of those pothead dumbasses (I don't care if it's legal or not) but for the record, I would like to say that marijuana doesn't make you stupid, I'm an honor student, and I have a scholarship to a good art school too but I smoke fucking weed ALL THE TIME. Whoever said that they will live a better life than me because they don't get high is a dildo. Drugs have nothing to do with it unless you're a junkie. So have fun with your evangelism and your Purity rings.


Me: Did your mommy tuck you into bed with that story last night or was it on PBS?
by Not a pothead August 25, 2010
A school program that teaches children the truth about drugs.
Through hard work, perseverence, and smart money mangement, Kyle saved his money for weeks and was finally able to buy himself that fat sack of chronic. Thanks D.A.R.E.!
by metatron April 29, 2003
Something I was told, but did not listen to.
I went through the D.A.R.E. program, but look at me now!11! <tokes bong>
by fucking April 30, 2003
The nick name for an obese slutty teen that can be dared to do anything for anyone. In some cases this person need not even be dared to do such acts but takes it upon themselves to try and give it away as fast and as much as possible.
Ex 1) Dare sucked a rainbow of dicks last night, she told me about it like it was a life achievment.

Ex 2) Dude I hope Dare dosn't tell anyone about last night, it's kind of embarassing, I was really drunk.
by Brian Had a seizure August 11, 2010
Drinking and Raging Excessively
guy 1: what are you doing tonight?
guy 2: Its halloween. i'm gonna DARE
by macklemoreforlife October 14, 2011
the act of challenging someone to a typically ridiculous action or goal, often resulting in poor behavior or amazing feats.
"I dare you to pull the fire alarm." or "I dare you to jump that river"
by GatoLoCo July 14, 2014

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